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If you do not hear back within 24 hours (during normal business days), please follow up with a phone call.

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Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for your interest in using Lavish Salon for your big day. Our salon has been providing bridal services to LBI since 2009. We make it our priority to create a smooth, stress-free experience for you and your entire party. Below are some helpful tips to guide the process.

Bridal Trials:

Trials are done for multiple reasons. Coming from other areas, you may want to do a trial at multiple salons to see which salon best suits your needs. If this is the case, we suggest you schedule your trial as early as possible so you give yourself the right amount of time to find the salon for you and ensure that your wedding date is available. If you decide on Lavish Salon and book your date, you can do a trial at anytime up to a week before if you choose. However, one to three months before the wedding is the best time frame for a trial.

Our trial prices are the same as our bridal pricing. We allow more time in a trial appointment to go over any ideas you have, and help you decide on the right look for you. Trials are not necessary, but are recommended. It allows us the time to work with your hair and/or make up, which better prepares for the day of and assists in booking proper timing. It also gives you the opportunity to be certain the look you have in mind flatters you the way you were envisioning. If you choose not to do a trial, a quick consultation is complimentary. This doesn't involve actual make up application or any hair styling, but just the discussion between you and your stylist about your preferred look.

Scheduling Your Wedding Party:

When you decide to book with Lavish Salon, we will hold a signed contract with credit card information and deposit. This contract will provide us with the information needed to book. We will then work the appointments to fit the timing best for you. We ask that you keep us informed as any numbers or services change so we can make sure the timing of your appointments are adjusted accordingly. You can do this by sending a quick email to If at any point you don't hear back within 24 hours, please follow up with a phone call to the salon. Dates are not secured until you receive confirmation that we received your contract.

A non refundable $100.00 booking fee is required to schedule and secure your wedding day services. This fee will be applied to your wedding day services. Deposits are payable by cash or check. Written notice of cancellation or changes (email acceptable) MUST be made no later than sixty days prior to the scheduled date of services or the FULL amount of services will be charged to your credit card on file.

Preparation For Your Appointments:

For both your trial and your wedding day, you should come with your hair cleaned and dry from the day before and not flat ironed. If hair is too freshly washed, it is not as manageable. Also, if it is too dirty the same applies. If it is flat ironed, it will not hold a curl as well. This does not apply if someone is coming for just a blow dry styling. If you are getting make up, you should come with a clean face. We ask that you please relay this to everyone in your party.

If anyone needs to be washed before a formal styling or comes in with wet hair, this will add time to their appointment and can set others in your party behind schedule. They will also be charged an additional $30. On the wedding day, everyone should be wearing a shirt that will be easy to change without messing their hair and/or make up.

Other Services:

Lavish Salon also offers nail services and facial waxing. It is recommended that these services are not done the day of the wedding. The day before is the best timing for nail services, and at least 3 days before for facial waxing (depending on your skin). We offer traditional and airbrush make up. Both will last the entirety of your day. You can do a split face of each for your trial and feel out which is the best option for you. We have a variety of hair accessories (pins, clips, combs, twists) for purchase if you or anyone in your party want to add a little extra to your style.

The Big Day:

Come in and relax! Your photographer and/or videographer are more than welcome to come to the salon. You are more than welcome to bring any food or drinks you choose. Let us know before hand so we can set up a table for you. We supply coffee, tea, and water. (Please note during COVID pandemic some restrictions may apply.)

Never hesitate to contact us throughout this process. We are here for you and will do everything we can to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience for you on your big day.

We look forward to working with you,

The Team at, Salon